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Retro Plate. Making public old-style Soviet times License Plate

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Retro license plate. Production of state license plates old-style Soviet times for individual orders

Company "Avtoznak 70" provides a service for the production of license plates on state standards in the USSR during the years 1946-1977
State license plates are made of aluminum 1 mm or 0.7 mm steel. Painting polymer powder.
At your request, any characters, letters, numbers can be displayed.
Black plates are triangular in cross-section an original stamp.

A thorough study of photographs and publications on the subject of license plates allowed us to achieve high quality.
Many have appreciated our work:

Also, do any souvenir, name plates in the style of state license plates.

Orders ship to Russia, and in any country where the postal service.

Contact us at e-mail:
Our group VKontakte:

Our address:
Russia, Tomsk, street Herzen house 611, office 203.
tel. +7(913)820-6534
Company "Avtoznak 70"


Attention! It is illegal to use these numbers to be driven on public roads. Copies of retro rooms are only for show cars, or as a souvenir.

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