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Guarantees and obligations

Each purchased from us has a spare month warranty. This means that if you want to return the purchased parts in within 1 month after purchase, you will be refunded the money for it in full. This rule applies if you are not installing spare parts for truck or not to use it for its intended purpose, and did not cause any damage to the appearance, did not violate consumer properties etc. In this case, the money will be returned in full except for expenditure on the back of postage.

If you are getting revealed that parts (part) is what that defects or its quality and characteristics are not consistent with the stated, in return, will be sent free of charge the other parts (part).

The warranty on chrome coating on perehromirovannyh products is three (3) calendar years from the date of purchase details. This warranty does not cover the chrome finish applied during the Soviet era, or on commission details.


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