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Wristwatch M-21

← News11 april 2019

Watch M-21


Quartz movement Ronda

Indication: hours, minutes, the number of the current month.

The polished stainless steel case with a diameter of 44 mm.

Sapphire glass

Waterproof thong from genuine leather 22 mm wide

The design of the dial and clock hands exactly like a car clock, only the numbers indicating noon and midnight are swapped and read as an index of a cult machine.

The shape of the dial rim is stylized under the bezel of the M-21 car's headlamp with a "visor" characteristic for this model above the upper sector of the circle. The dial rim is chromed, as is the headband of the headlamp.

The round date display window is framed by a chrome ring with an orange hue and recalls the turn signal indicator in the M-21 instrument cluster.

The shape of the clock wheel M-21 is similar to the rotary tuning knob of the radio on the M-21. And crowned by its five-pointed star - the most characteristic element of the M-21 first release.

The design of the back cover of the M21 watch is stylized in the shape of the chrome wheel hood of the M-21.

Design of Zviad Tsikoliya, the author of style 2006 of Russo-Baltique Impression, according to sketches of Ivan Paderin, author of the book 21.

Hours of M-21 number. Are released by a limited series of 300 copies from which only 240 will be sold in Russia.

Watch M-21 numbered. They are released by a limited series of 300 copies from which only 240 will be sold in Russia.

The serial number of the specimen is engraved on the lid.

Packaging – a metal cylinder with a stylized number plate.

Warranty – one year from the moment of receiving hours by the customer.

The price of the watch is 25,000 rubles.

You can order and purchase this watch on our website at and here