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How To Order & Pay For The Parts

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The most simple way:

1) "add to cart" (click on the cart, located at the bottom) the right parts, stepping alternately in their card details.
2) "Checkout" (click on the phrase "to order", which appears on the left) and fill in the required columns.

To avoid errors, orally, by telephone, applications are not accepted

Methods of payment (except cash on delivery - when you pay for parts upon delivery)Payment can be made in several ways:

transfer Western Union (this method may be useful to buyers in foreign countries);

payment to a bank account. Since Russia is not an EU member, correspondent bank holds a commission from the amount transferred. So if you choose this method of payment order amount is increased by this amount. As a rule it is 20-30 EUR

Can effected by mail or express mail

As a pickup in St. Petersburg
All parts are located in Russia, in St. Petersburg at the address: Kondratyevskiy prospekt 2. Must advance will call the telephone number and a convenient time to agree on a meeting. We work during the week and during the day.

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