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Wall Calendar from the company "Retrodetal" for 2019

← News11 april 2019

To each visitor of the site who made the order after November 28, 2018 for an amount of at least 2000 rubles on the terms of advance payment - we give our corporate wall calendar for the next year as a gift. The calendar was released in three versions - with different photos on the screen saver. For this calendar, we have acquired the rights to use three photos from the movie "Tractor Drivers" (Mosfilm, 1939).
Frames that you can see in these calendars - not included in this movie - were cut out by censorship, as during the shooting process, the direction of the movie changed. Initially, the film was shot as a comedy, but in the process of shemak there was a military conflict with Japan at Lake Hassan, there were fights at Khalkin-Gol, and also in Europe it was restless - therefore it was decided to make the film more patriotic. In the world, the latent mood of impending war and catastrophe set in, dominating a completely harmless main heroic-romantic plot. Even the symbol of technical progress in the 1930s, the tractor, is presented in the film as a peaceful tank. Heroes are ready to transfer to real tanks at the first call. Almost all the gaming episodes with the duet of artists Peter Aleinikov (Savka) and Boris Andreev (Nazar Duma) were cut out by the censorship while accepting the film. We have a unique opportunity to look at the preserved photo of these frames in color.

Individual rigid packaging. The number of copies is limited.
For free, you can get one of the options for this calendar.


Buyers who did not fall under the conditions of this promotion (made an order for an amount of less than 2000 rubles or chose a cash on delivery) will receive one of our branded notebooks for free.


Also, you can purchase our calendar in performance, where there are all three pictures at once, which can be changed (turned over) in the process of use at your discretion.