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XXIX Oldtimer Gallery Ilya Sorokin

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We invite you to visit our exhibition!

ATTENTION!!! Currently, orders received at the exhibition are no longer accepted!!! An order received at the exhibition could be made until February 29 inclusive.

The order can be received during the opening hours of the exhibition at our stand "Retrodetal", contact phone number +7(921)967-5431

29th Oldtimer Gallery will be held from March 6 to March 9, 2020 in Moscow, in the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center, in halls 4, 4.1 and 4.2.

Oldtimer Gallery has been held since 2002. This is not just the largest automotive classic show in Eastern Europe, and not only the motley flea market. This is a place where you can spend a pleasant and useful family weekend. For visitors of all ages, the organizers have prepared a lot of interesting things. This time the exposition will last only four days. Do not miss!

The military-technical festival “Victory Motors” will unite dozens of museums and clubs of historical reconstruction. Many unique exhibits: from tanks of rare modifications to field telephones, from captured army bicycles to secret weapons, were removed from museum reserves and restored specifically for this event.

Everything is for sale at Auction! The most rare old timers are purchased at auctions. Now, for this, you don’t have to go abroad - the Egorovs auction house will hold unique tenders right in the exhibition hall. Rare cars and automobile rarities will go under the hammer. The starting price of lots is from several thousand to tens of millions of rubles.

Tankodrome. “The theater begins with a hanger”, and the exhibition - from the Tankodrome. Everything is real here - metal T-34s with real engines and a black exhaust, controlled by levers, with swivel towers. He grabbed a 300-meter snow-covered training ground, received a dose of adrenaline and forward - to the pavilion, to inspect the main exposition!

Ceremonial "Aurus". In the collection of eight convertibles that opened parades on Red Square from the 30s to the present day, you can see not only the Stalin ZiS-102 and Gagarinsky ZIL-111, but also the newest parade “Aurus”, which will be “illuminated” in public first! Approach, consider, take a picture and - your day will not be spent in vain!

From 2020 to the 1920s! The Orangery Pavilion will turn into an automobile showroom during the heyday of Ar-Deco. An atmospheric room, in which literally everything — Tiffany’s magical stained glass windows, warm illumination of exhibits, tastefully selected jazz music, and vintage smells — immerse you in a space of impeccable harmony and bright nostalgia for the “last gallant era”.

Oldtimer Quest. Young visitors will again be able to check their vigilance, attentiveness and ingenuity. Do not just look at the exhibits - be careful and look for letters hidden on the stands. You will be able to collect a secret word from letters - and your prize! If the task seems difficult, you can go through his team with friends and parents - together it is easier and more fun!

Rusty hobby. The exhibition provides a unique opportunity to see not only magnificent cars, but also restoration projects not yet completed. Here you can consider in detail - how and from what the lost masterpieces of technical art are recreated. Touch and do not be afraid to get your hands dirty - because before you is the “rustiest hobby of the world”!

Swap meet. Looking for a gift for March 8? Take a look at the “flea market”, this is a real paradise for retro lovers. The number of antique rarities on the ruins cannot be counted, while the prices are traditionally very moderate. Perhaps this time you will be able to find a real gem among the many “things with history”!

We are from the future! The picture in which you and a front-line friend in a faded soldier’s gymnast are sitting on shell boxes next to the legendary “maxim” or “forty-five”, will not only decorate the family album, but also beat Instagram reposts. A video of loading and firing a cannon with the departure of a spent cartridge case will be a hit on Youtube!

In front of your eyes. Day after day, four artists will paint the same cars at the exhibition, each in its own style and all in a different technique: canvas - oil, paper - ink or watercolor ... What will it be - an unusual workshop, creative duel or session simultaneous play? As you know, beautiful work can be observed endlessly ...

Meet the spring. Exhibition pavilions are located in the ancient Sokolniki park, a favorite vacation spot for Moscow residents. A visit to the exhibition can be successfully combined with a pleasant walk through the parks and alleys, having received great pleasure from the long-awaited spring days - warm and sunny.


Exhibition Center "Sokolniki", pavilions 4 and 4.1 (Sokolniki metro station). Plan of the territory and scheme of drives. Details on this link. How to get
Details on this link

At our booth you will be able to get acquainted with samples of our products and purchase the parts you need. Unfortunately, we will not be able to bring our entire range with us - for this we would have to rent half of the exhibition hall, so you need to make a preliminary order.


On March 6 from 10:00 till 19:00
On March 7 from 10:00 till 19:00
On March 8 from 10:00 till 19:00
On March 9 from 10:00 till 18:00

The cost of tickets in cash desks of Sokolniki in the days of work of the exhibition:

600 RUB the DISCOUNT TICKET (with the supporting document) schoolchildren, students, invalids, pensioners, members of large families
2500 RUB FAMILY TICKET (2 adults + 3 children)
FREE - preschoolers

On the website of the organizers you can buy

We invite you to visit our exhibition!

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