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GAZ-21 "Volga" 1967 cabriolet

← Our buyersAndrey Kuznetsov, Volgograd, Russia

Good afternoon!

My name is Andrey Kuznetsov, I am 32 years, the education inspector, I live in Volgograd, he was engaged in a car, in the garage, went to work for 6-7 months. Now the car has left to live to one Moscow collectors. About cars: 1967, I bought the original for the construction of a convertible. if you're interested, here's a link describing all the work

- Who is doing the next incarnation of the project copy-Lamborghini Aventador (also have to Drive2). Restoration is not engaged, but there are plans for the future, wait and see).

Thanks again to you and your site, you are helping enthusiasts like me to realize their creative plans! I wish you success!

Sincerely, Andrei Kuznetsov.