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GAZ-21C "Wolga", 1964

← Our buyersRicco Bartloff, Lengenfeld, Germany
GAZ-21C "Wolga", 1964


My name is Ricco, I'm from Lengenfeld, Germany. My car is a GAZ-21С "Volga" built in 1964. I became the owner of this car in 2012, it took 5 years to restore it, I finished it in 2017. I did all operations with the Volga on my own, except that the engine was overhauled in a specialized workshop and the body was painted by a paint shop. In addition to the Volga, I also have a Trabant 601 station wagon and a Mercedes W123 300D sedan. Both cars have been restored.
Many thanks to Artem and his team. I got a lot of good parts for my Volga from him. I met Artem in St. Petersburg in 2016. Thanks also to Victor Heffel from Germany for putting me in touch with Retrodetail.
I completely dismantled and reassembled the Volga. There was a lot of work. In the summer, riding the Volga at classic car events is now a lot of fun.


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