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Payments and discounts

Methods of payment (excluding delivery and handling fees - when you pay for parts upon delivery)
 Payment can be made in several ways:

  • in our office (St. Petersburg, Kondratievsky house 2) accepted for payment of credit cards;
  • translation of Western Union (this method may be useful to buyers in foreign countries);
  • payment to a bank account (the fastest and cheapest way) We are working with Sberbank of Russia, Alfa Bank, and Bank VTB24.

Non-cash payment
You can pay by bank transfer. To pay for an official account put up with the conclusion of necessary agreements and the provision of necessary documents.

At the one-time purchase of spare parts amounting to:

  • more than 15,000 rubles a discount of 3% of the total order.

Discounts are not cumulative and are not cumulative.

Attention! Temporarily, due to the growth of unstable exchange rates, discounts available.

If you have made a booking, but could not afford it
Once you have made your booking, it is collected, reserve and report ready to be sent to your address. In this response to the letter you will also suggest possible ways of delivery and payment, in relation to the area where you are and type and quantity of items ordered. Once you have chosen the most convenient ways of delivery and payment, podtvediv it in writing, you must within three (3) days to make payment. If you for some reason were not able to do this - your order is disassembled, this shall notify you. In the future, you can make a similar order, but it will not be spread standard discounts. Please consider this rule and soberly assess their abilities when you make another order.


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1 EUR = 69.26 rub
100 KZT = 17.09 rub
1 BYN = 29.95 rub
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