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Chrome wheels and center cap to them for GAZ

← News11 april 2019

For fans of tuning in our assortment there are chromium-plated disks.

They are made specially by request of our company under geometrical parameters of GAZ cars up to 2006 of release

Discs are suitable for the following vehicles: GAZ-M20 "Pobeda", GAZ-21 "Volga" GAZ-24 "Volga" GAZ-24-10 "Volga" GAZ-31029 "Volga", UAZ, RAF as a replacement for the regular ones. Do not require the use of spacers, adapters, or longer wheel studs.

On our wheels you can install modern-radial, tubeless tires and get the following benefits:

• The car gets an unusual, stylish appearance. You become the center of attention on the road.

• Road handling and stability improves. At the expense of wider rubber the car goes as on rails.

• fuel consumption due to reduction of resistance of swing is cut

• the compelled stops at casual punctures after which it is necessary to change a wheel for spare right there are excluded. Now after a small puncture (a screw, a nail, etc.) it is possible to pass some more tens of kilometers before the next mounting, or your garage.

You can look at technical characteristics and order these disks according to this reference

In addition to the discs, the manufacture of chrome plated BLINKS of the central hole of the wheel is mastered. This is an eternal problem for all owners of the Volga with cast wheels. Now one problem has become less.


You can order the data of the stub using this link.