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The new book "Foreign diplomats’ cars in the USSR 1940-1960"

The new book "Foreign diplomats' cars in the USSR 1940-1960" is published.

Announcement! Published now! The planned release date is December 2017 - January 2018. Preliminary orders are accepted.

Wall Calendar from the company "Retrodetal" for 2018

Each visitor who made the order after November 28, 2017 - a gift we give to our firm wall calendar.

Video instructions how to use the site

How can I find the details you need on our website? How to make an order? We bring to your attention video instructions for work on our website  Each video has subtitles in English



Each visitor to the site, made the order after November 28, 2016 - Giving a gift to our corporate wall calendar for next year. For this calendar acquired the right to use a photo from the film "The Diamond Arm" (Mosfilm, 1968). Individual rigid packaging.

The number of copies is limited.


Video instruction "How to order" in Russian

"Retrodetal" - the official online store of spare parts for retro cars and trucks. We opened in 2008 and since then we constantly increase the volumes of the offered products. At present, we can offer you the biggest range of spare parts and technical literature, among other similar stores in Russia. We are located in St. Petersburg. By our orders in Russia and foreign enterprises make details according to original drawings and preserved samples, we help enthusiasts with "gold" hands make something not standard not only for themselves, but for all comers.

   The trade mark "Retrodetal" is officially registered by us in the State Register of Trademarks and Service Marks. We constantly participate in the exhibitions "Oldtimer Gallery", which are organized by Ilya Sorokin in Moscow.


Ladies and Gentlemen!

 This website is designed  to help owners of old cars to recover, restore or support the equipment  in  an excellent state. Here you can buy the spare part you need for your favourite, which can not be bought at a regular auto spare parts store.

ATTENTION!!! Our offer is not a public offer. In other words, you are not required to buy spare parts only from our company, and we are not obliged to sell our goods to everyone without exception.

  If you have any new spare parts you do not need for the old Volga, Moskvich or Zaporozhets, we will accept them for sale or we will immediately buy them out.

  Our range is updated hourly: Follow our new products


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