For each visitor to the site who made an order after December 3, 2019 for an amount of at least 3,000 rubles on the basis of advance payment, we give our corporate gift wall calendar for the next year as a gift. The calendar is released in three versions - with different photos on the screen saver. For this calendar, we have acquired the rights to use three photos from the movie "The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia" - the Italian name "Una matta, matta, matta corsa in Russia", a joint production of the Mosfilm film studio and Dino de Laurentiis Cinematografica, 1973.

Individual rigid packaging. The number of copies is limited.
For free, you can get one of the options for this calendar.

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Accept the implementation of spare parts

If you have any new spare parts you do not need for the old Volga, Moskvich or Zaporozhets, we will accept them for sale or we will immediately buy them out.

Retrodetal - the official online store of spare parts for retro cars and retro truck

This website is designed to help owners of old cars to recover, restore or support the equipment in an excellent state. Here you can buy the spare part you need for your favourite, which can not be bought at a regular auto spare parts store.

"Retrodetal" - the official online store of spare parts for retro cars and trucks. We opened in 2008 and since then we constantly increase the volumes of the offered products. At present, we can offer you the biggest range of spare parts and technical literature, among other similar stores in Russia. We are located in St. Petersburg. By our orders in Russia and foreign enterprises make details according to original drawings and preserved samples, we help enthusiasts with "gold" hands make something not standard not only for themselves, but for all comers.

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Cars our customers
GAZ-22V Volga 1974 GAZ-22V Volga 1974
Ashot, City Saint Petersburg, Russia
6 photos
GAZ-21C "Volga" 1968 GAZ-21C "Volga" 1968
Marian Plesnik, Ivanka pri Nitre, Slovensko
14 photos
GAZ-M-21K "Volga" 1960 GAZ-M-21K "Volga" 1960
Konstantinos Relakis, Heraklion, Crete - Greece
17 photos