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НЕклубное ОТКРЫТИЕ сезона в Санкт-Петербурге

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April 21, Saturday, in St. Petersburg, will be held
Holiday Non-Club Opening Season 2012.
The organizer of the holiday is Dmitry Aleshin.


The preliminary program of the event is the AUDIO OPENING OF THE SEASON
The program includes car mileage in the center of St. Petersburg and a mini karting tournament among owners of classic cars.

11.00 am Participants gathering on the pier opposite Rumyantsevskaya Square. (University embankment V.O.)
12.00 Start of run on the center of Petersburg
14.00 Arrival to TaxiPark No. 6 of Lenavtotrans, car parking
15.00 Start of a mini karting tournament among fans of classic cars.
18.00 End of the tournament, awarding the winners.

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To participate in the race are invited car crews over 30 years old, who are in good technical and good aesthetic condition, regardless of the brand of car and club accessories.
Everyone is welcome to participate in the karting tournament, enthusiastic about authored movement, regardless of participation in the race, and the availability of a vintage car as such.
The cost of participation in the karting tournament is 1000-1500 rubles, depending on the number of participants (the greater the number of participants, the cheaper)
Those wishing to participate in the tournament, please pre-register by phone 8 (921) 967-8928 Dmitry. The holiday is held with the support of the Internet store Retrodetal.