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ОТКРЫТИЕ сезона в Санкт-Петербурге клубом АвтоРетроПитер

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April 22, Sunday, in St. Petersburg, will be held

Holiday Opening Season 2012

Holiday organizer:

AutoRetroPether Club

Preliminary program of the event

10.00 collection at CCM
11.00 the beginning of the movement of the column to the venue, the circuit of the Motor Transport and Electromechanical College. corner of st. Salova and Bucharest Street.
12.00 Arrival at the site, placement of vehicles of participants.
12.40 opening of the holiday.
13.00 The beginning of the competition for speed maneuvering on retro cars.
16.00 Counting results, award winners.
13.00-18.00 Exhibition of cars of the Club “AvtoretroPiter”, up to 50 cars before 1980 release.
18.00 Completion of the holiday, departure.

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