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ОТКРЫТИЕ сезона в Санкт-Петербурге клубом Ретро Техника Северо-Запада

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April 21, Saturday, in St. Petersburg, will be held

Holiday Opening Season 2012

Holiday organizer:

Club Retro Technique Northwest

Event program

10-00_11-00 Collecting cars at the site (at the viaduct at Industrialnaya)
11-00_13-30 Rides on the highway (for those who wish) there will be prizes!
13-30_14-00 Presentation of prizes and certificates
14-00_14-30 Time to collect
14-30_15-30 Travel by convoy from the viaduct to the Ice Palace and back
15-30 further everyone chooses himself:
Departure to the cafe on the North Slope for further communication (cafe at your own expense, parking for free)

- Departure to the 6th taxi fleet (Krasnoputilovskaya-Kubinskaya) for karting races among the re-conductors (15.00 Start of a mini karting tournament among fans of classic cars). Organized by Dmitry Aleshin - Dimaskes - 8 (921) 967-8928. Participation is paid, there is parking.

Experts with telemetry equipment will go to the event to measure lap times.
There will be music of the Soviet time through amplifiers with speakers, it will be fun.
Pennants and stickers EVERYONE !!!!

Toilet - at the gas station next.

Shashlyking due to bad and cold weather will transfer to events in May.

tel. for communication
8-921-9782334 Sergey
8-981-7770345 also Sergey :)

waiting for everyone!

gathering place:

ZAZ, AZLK, Moskvich-Tuning, GAZ, VAZ, as well as owners of various retrotechnics of foreign manufacturers are expected!
The holiday is held with the support of the Internet store Retrodetal.

Discussion of the event: