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XXXI Oldtimer Gallery of Ilya Sorokin in St. Petersburg

← News08 april 2022
XXXI Oldtimer Gallery of Ilya Sorokin in St. Petersburg

The 31st Oldtimer Gallery will take place on April 22–24, 2022 at Expoforum.

It was again decided to hold the main exhibition of vintage cars of the country in St. Petersburg, and this is no coincidence. It was in the capital of the Russian Empire that His Imperial Majesty's Own Garage was founded in 1907. It was in the city on the Neva, under the patronage of the Imperial Russian Automobile Society, that the first international automobile exhibitions were held, it was from St. Petersburg that the first automobile races for the Imperial Prize started.

The main theme of the "Oldtimer Gallery" will be the 115th anniversary of His Imperial Majesty's Own Garage. This event will be dedicated to a separate exposition - "Royal Departure", the exhibits of which will be collected from many automotive and historical collections, both Russian and foreign. The central exhibit - the car of Nicholas II's favorite brand "Delaunay Belleville" will be presented by the Moscow Garage Museum of Special Purpose - the main partner of the exhibition.

The exposition "Royal Departure" is a fascinating and informative journey into the past of Russia. The start of the race for the Imperial Prize, the first Russian Automobile Salons, Nicholas II's trips around the country, the assembly shop of the Russian-Baltic Plant, the everyday life of a car battery at the front - a suite of historical scenes will step by step guide the visitor through the great and tragic history of the last decade of the Russian Empire. Huge full-color photo panels, luxurious royal cars, authentic items and previously unpublished documents will help you feel the atmosphere of a bygone era.

The Oldtimer Gallery has been held for more than twenty years and every time it surprises with a new and unexpected theme. The exhibits of this unusual exhibition are never repeated, they are always high-profile premieres, sensations and surprises. And this time, for just three days, one of the ExpoForum halls will turn into a real city of the past, filled with dozens of unique exhibits. These amazing cars and motorcycles once won elegance contests and the most difficult races, were conquerors of hearts and an inaccessible dream for entire generations, experienced years of oblivion and changed their owners. Now they have again become famous: this time - in the world of connoisseurs of antiquity.

The participants of the 31st Oldtimer Gallery this time will be not only eminent restoration workshops from Moscow and St. Petersburg, historical clubs, collectors and restorers from Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Cheboksary, Ufa and other cities and regions of Russia are invited to participate in the exhibition.

Oldtimer Gallery is a unique show with its own unique atmosphere. It contains a lot of technical curiosities, long-forgotten curious inventions and magnificent design solutions of the past - the "golden fund" of the technical culture of the XIX-XX centuries, the living and visible history of past eras.

Oldtimer Gallery is impossible to imagine without a "flea market". Here connoisseurs and connoisseurs sometimes manage to find real antique pearls among the many “things with history”.

Oldtimer Gallery is a place where you can spend a pleasant and useful family weekend. Visitors of all ages will find a lot of interesting things here.


St. Petersburg, Concert and Exhibition Center "Expoforum", Petersburg highway 64/1, pavilion F


Free buses from the metro station "Moskovskaya". Public transport stop at house number 197 on Moskovsky Prospekt.
The interval of movement is from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the event.


April 22 from 11.00 to 19.00
April 23 from 11.00 to 19.00
April 24 from 11.00 to 18.00


An electronic ticket costs 450 rubles and 500 rubles - if you buy it at the box office of the Expoforum. A children's e-ticket for persons under 18 years of age costs 200 rubles and 250 rubles if bought at the box office of the Expoforum, children of preschool age are admitted free of charge. The ticket is valid for 1 (one) person, for a single visit. You can buy an e-ticket HERE

Oldtimer Gallery official website


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