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XXX Oldtimer Gallery of Ilya Sorokin in St. Petersburg

← News16 march 2021
XXX Oldtimer Gallery of Ilya Sorokin in St. Petersburg

The 30th Oldtimer Gallery will take place on April 8-11, 2021 at the Expoforum Exhibition and Convention Center as part of the St. Petersburg International Automobile Salon 2021.

In the significant year of the 125th anniversary of the first Russian car, the organizers of the Oldtimer Gallery did not accidentally decide to hold their thirtieth anniversary exhibition in St. Petersburg - they see deep symbolism in this. It was in the capital of the Russian Empire that His Majesty's Own Garage was founded (its successor, the Special Purpose Garage, celebrates its centenary this year). It was in the city on the Neva that the first international motor shows and the first auto races were held, it was in St. Petersburg, through the efforts of E.A. Yakovleva, P.A. Frese, A.P. Nagel and dozens of other enthusiasts developed an interest in "horseless carriages" and it was from here that the motorization of Russia started triumphantly.

The Oldtimer Gallery has been held for the twentieth year and every time it surprises with a new, unexpected theme. The exhibits of this unusual exhibition are never repeated, they are always loud premieres, sensations and surprises. So this time, just for four days, one of the halls of Expoforum will turn into a real city of the past, filled with dozens of unique exhibits. These amazing cars and motorcycles once won competitions of elegance and the most difficult races, were conquerors of hearts and an inaccessible dream for entire generations, survived years of oblivion and changed their owners. Now they have become famous again: this time - in the world of connoisseurs of antiquity.

Special attention in the jubilee year - to domestic cars, most of which are so rare that in former times they could not easily be seen on the streets:

- the very first Russian car by Yakovlev and Frese (1896),
- legendary "Russian-Baltic" type C 24/30 (1910),
- phaeton GAZ-A (1932), the first "Soviet Ford",
- L-300 "Red October" (1930), the firstborn of our motorcycle industry,
- ZiS-110 (1945), a car for the top leadership of the USSR, work on which began in the most difficult year 1942,
- Moskvich-401 (1965) in the rarest modification "pickup-GUM",
- the only surviving Moskvich-415 in the world, ahead of its time the forerunner of modern crossovers.

Oldtimer Gallery is a unique show with its own unique atmosphere. It contains many technical wonders, long-forgotten curious inventions and magnificent design solutions of the past - the "golden fund" of the technical culture of the 19th-20th centuries, a living and visible history of bygone eras.

Oldtimer Gallery is a place where you can spend a pleasant and useful family weekend. A lot of interesting things await visitors of all ages.

This time, the Oldtimer Gallery is held in conjunction with the St. Petersburg International Automobile Salon 2021 - this is a multi-brand car showroom, where on a neutral site you can compare dozens of cars without pressure from sellers of a particular brand, as well as conduct several test drives at once. That is, with one ticket you can visit two exhibitions at once - modern and retro cars.


St. Petersburg, Concert and Exhibition Center "Expoforum", pavilion F, Petersburg highway 64/1


April 8 from 1000 to 1900
April 9 from 1000 to 1900
April 10 from 1000 to 1900
April 11 from 1000 to 1800


Free shuttle buses run from the Moskovskaya metro station, Moscow Prospect, 197


An e-ticket costs 450 rubles and 500 rubles if you buy it at the ticket office of the Expoforum Exhibition and Convention Center. The ticket is valid for 1 (one) person, for a single visit. Children under 10 years old are free. You can buy an e-ticket HERE

Oldtimer Gallery official website

The official website of the St. Petersburg International Automobile Salon 2021