Cardboard for interior trim GAZ-13

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GAZ-13 Chayka
Современное производство
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17850 rubles per set

Cardboard for trim cars GAZ-13 Chaika and their modifications. It is a cut material - plastic, black, 3mm thick. The texture of the coating is matched to the original carboard of those years. The advantages of such a material compared to conventional carboard are the water resistance of the product. There are necessary openings for installing decorative moldings and fasteners. Price is per set. The kit includes the following items:

door cards (front door cards differ in the size of the holes for the window lifter buttons) - 4 elements
rear window shelf trim - 1 element
lining of the front niches (at the feet of the driver and front passenger) - 2 elements
trim rear compartment sidewalls - 2 elements
rear sofa backrest partition - 1 element
bottom flaps at the back of the sofa, which are on the body - 2 elements

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