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Deluxe edition of "Pobeda and other events"

← News11 april 2019

The Book "Pobeda and Other Events". Authors Ivan Paderin and Denis Orlov. This is the first gift edition dedicated to the car GAZ-M20 "Pobeda". The new book of "Gorkyclassic" publishing house has turned out unprecedented on the volume and multiple layers of information enclosed in it. It tells us about all the stages of the creation and production of the well-known M-20.

The largest and most detailed, the central head of a hundred chapters of this book is devoted to issues of forming a unique pobedinskogo body.. As a result, original designs of this machine were found, dated 1938 and 1940, for the first time the works of the first gas stylist Valentin Brodsky are demonstrated.

Another layer of the book is the almost unknown, as though nonexistent, theme of Soviet design and conceptualism of the 1930th and 1940th years. Dolmatovsky, Rostkov, Aryamov – the artists who have left a dream of a beautiful car for future generations.

The history of sports "Pobedas" of factory construction – their records, take-offs, revolutions and defeats is described in details, most visually illustrated and classified. Naturally, derivatives and copies of "Pobeda" – the M-72 all-terrain vehicle, the Polish Warszawa aren't ignored.

Design of the book is special. Viktor Kuplevatsky who is Art-Director of Gorkyclassic made it completely different from the previous books and albums such as "21", "GAZ 1932-1982" and "24. New Volga ".

"Pobeda and other events" is prepared and printed on the technology of the 1940th years, in one paint that in the best way transfers the atmosphere of the narrative time. But, as in any old Soviet beautiful folio, at this book there are full-color blocks on dense glossy paper. It is a unique gift for any owner of a GAZ car.

The volume is 456 pages, 1200 illustrations, Moscow, 2015.
The book will be a unique gift for any car owners of GAZ models.

The book is available from August 2015, but is now available for order at this link