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GAZ-M21-I "Volga" 1960

← Our buyersFabrizio, Milan city, Italy

Hello, Friends!

The below car is a Volga M21. Construction year 1960

The owner is my wife Olha and it is located in Kelmintzi (Ukraine).

It is a second series but when she bought it ,she found a lot of thierd series parts…

We live in Milano but last August we spent our holiday toghter with Olha family and her father change the front and rear bumper, the rear light and the front grid as you can see in the pictures.

If somebody will be intersted we could sell the third series parts. 

It is our intention to fit a double chamber carburettor and electronic ignition. Somebody have a tuned muffler?

Unfortunately also the interiors are from third series but with the help of online store "Retrodetal" during next year we will refurbish the total car.

We are looking for a power stearing and a aircondition equipment.





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