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GAZ-24 Volga, 1980

← Our buyersIreneusz Kaproń, City of Strzelin; Dolnośląskie Voivodeship; Republic of Poland
GAZ-24 Volga, 1980


With the help of your company, we managed to return beautiful classics to the road.

My name is Ireneusz Kaproń, I live in Strzelin, Dolnośląskie Voivodeship, Republic of Poland. My car is the GAZ-24 Volga 1980

I bought a car in Poland in November 2019. It has already been registered in Poland, previously imported from Belarus. Repair began in January 2020 and ended in mid-April. The repair was done in my garage by a fellow mechanic.

In addition to this Volga, I have no more classic cars. I'm more interested in motorcycles (at the moment I have two of them - Honda Valkyrie F6C). Perhaps next fall I will think about buying and repairing a classic motorcycle with a sidecar - the Dnieper or the Urals.

Yours faithfully

Ireneusz Kaproń, Republic of Poland.