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GAZ-22V Volga 1974

← Our buyersAshot, City Saint Petersburg, Russia
GAZ-22V Volga 1974


First of all, I would like to thank the site for a detailed consultation on the details and for the existence of the store itself.

My name is Avetisyan Ashot, I live in Russia, in St. Petersburg. My car is the GAZ-22V Volga of 1974 (as indicated in the technical passport for the car). Currently located in Yerevan, the Republic of Armenia.

I bought my Volga in 2016, but the restoration began in the spring of 2017. The car was being restored in a private workshop in Yerevan. Master Eduard participated in the restoration of the car, and Vartan Manukyan, a master from St. Petersburg, also contributed to it. Car repair shop Vardana is located in St. Petersburg on Litovskaya street. My Volga was fully restored in the spring of 2019.

Two months ago, a Mercedes-Benz / 8 (W114) 230.6 (114.015) 120 hp car was purchased. 1968, also restored.

Regards, Ashot. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.