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GAZ-22V Volga 1974

← Our buyersAshot, city Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
GAZ-22V Volga 1974


My name is Ashot, I am from the city of Yerevan, from the Republic of Armenia. My car is the GAZ-22V Volga of 1974 (as indicated in the technical passport for the car). I bought this Volga in 2016, started restoration in the spring of 2017, and finished in the spring of 2019. The car was restored in Yerevan, in a private workshop, master Edik, with the direct participation of a master from St. Petersburg Vardan Manukyan from St. Petersburg, who works in a car repair shop on Litovskaya Street.
There is also a car Mercedes-Benz / 8 (W114) 230.6 (114.015) 120 hp 1968, restored.

Regards Ashot, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia